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Ralph Walton Design

The Art Of Jewellery

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Ralph and Heidi

I have been making Jewellery since school days and  have always loved the technical challenges  and the incredible artistic reward  that this career  has offered me . Heidi joined me after we  married. It didn't  take her long to find a equal passion  for what we do  

We have always enjoyed the interactive opportunity that a small studio allows us to develop with our clients .We believe its  important to allow clients to  become part of the design processes. 

 We are very fortunate that our studio is equipped with the the most sophisticated design and manufacturing equipment. This combined with our skill set enables us to fabricate  far more complex and challenging designs projects. 


Projects and Ranges

Heidi's Chains

Heidi chains are the accumulation of hours of hand forged work , They have magnificent feeling of intricacy, volume and quality . Their tumbling lines, textures and colors   seem to resonate the environment they created in  while  still retaining a subtlety  with a strong  sense of style  .Her work has become  sought after by collectors from around the world.  It truly is a  privilege to own one of her pieces.


Bespoke Pieces

The art of bespoke Jewellery goes far beyond that of free design, into a realm of client interpretation ,understanding and being  able to accurately communicate design  concepts .
Entering into the digital era of jewelley enables us to work  with a huge catalog  of designs, helping you  find your ideal style. Where Photo realistic, Three-dimensional Graphic Design programs not only allows you to become immersed in fine details  of the design posses but removes  any uncertainty as to what the finished piece will look like before fabrication starts.
Whether you are designing your perfect Engagement ring or remolding an outdated design using your own materials, you  can be assured of the perfect  result .



SpiceRack is our trendy range of jewellery, reflective of the things that  gives life spice, texture and excitement.
Its  a range designed to let you express  who you are , a traveler, a foodie, a lover of the good things in life. A morning coffee with friends, rock pools and shells with your daughter, or just yearning to sail somewhere new .


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