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Inspired by life made with precision




RALPH has been crafting fine jewellery for 25 years both locally and abroad. His work successfully strikes a fine balance between traditional craftsman techniques and high-tech methods – bringing his clients the best of both worlds with every carefully designed, crafted and presented piece. His studio is unique in that he is able to offer clients a personalized experience from initial consultation, through high-tech design to manufacturing. Ralph has gathered a loyal following of clients from across the world who appreciate the personalized care put into every custom-designed piece.

“I have always loved the technical challenges and the incredible artistic reward that this career has offered me. Although jewellery is a classical and ancient craft, I believe it is vital to stay ahead of the latest technologies. I am very fortunate to work with amazing clients, talented students and professionals from across the industry.”


HEIDI joined Ralph when they got married and it didn't take her long to find an equal passion. Heidi’s chains are the accumulation of hours of hand forged work. They have magnificent feeling of intricacy, volume and quality. Their tumbling lines, textures and colours seem to resonate the environment they are created in while still retaining a strong sense of style. Her work has become sought after by collectors from around the world. It is a true privilege to own one of her pieces.

"I am passionate about the environment that surrounds me. The malleability of the metals I work with in combination with found items and beautiful gems gives me the perfect platform to design from. I love using elements that build depth and volume, giving my work a sculptural feel."

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Our studio is tucked away against the mountain with endless views over the sea, it’s the perfect environment. Equipped with the very latest, it allows us to do what until now only large workshops could offer, offering our clients a personalized service without compromise.



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